Zero Waste Energy LLC

Zero Waste Energy, LLC. (ZWE) | Formed in 2009, ZWE is an industry leading development company that designs, builds and operates integrated solid waste processing facilities throughout the Americas and Asia. ZWE's principal goal is to optimize waste diversion and the generation of renewable energy in an efficient and environmentally sound manner. With its extensive expertise and advanced technologies, the company offers innovative mixed solid waste processing and patented anaerobic digestion systems for conversion of organic waste into valuable renewable energy and clean compost.

ZWE has developed a very deep base of industry and technology experts who work on ZWE projects based upon the specific needs of its customers. The company's exclusive and/or project-based relationships include "Best-in-Class" Anaerobic Digestion Facility Design and Engineering. Waste Sorting and Separation Systems, In-Vessel Composting, CNG for Fleet Fuel, Compost Marketing and Sales and Residual Waste Gasification. Most notably, ZWE holds the exclusive license for the Americas and Asia on the dry anaerobic digestion SMARTFERM and In-Vessel Composting technologies.

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