Zanker Recycling, Ltd.

Zanker Recycling, Ltd. | Founded in 1985, Zanker Recycling has changed the way mixed debris and construction and demolition debris (C&D) are processed. Recognized as some of the most advanced recycling operations in the United States, Zanker Recycling has designed cutting-edge processing systems to maximize resource recovery and developing markets for recycled hardscape and landscape products.

Zanker Road Resource Recovery Operations and Landfill (ZRRROL) | In 1985, Zanker Recycling began operations of the facility ZRRROL in the City of San Jose. With only six years of existing landfill capacity remaining when operations began, the ingenuity and foresight of Zanker's owners shifted the focus from disposal to recovery and the landfill. ZRRROL is continually enhancing its operations; its recycling equipment and processes have been upgraded and improved with newer more advanced equipment and facilities are always under development.

Zanker Material Processing Facility (ZMPF) | In 1991, Zanker began an extensive eight (8) year permitting process to develop the ZMPF operations in San Jose adjacent to ZRRROL. Operations began in 1999 with ZMPF's demolition debris recycling operation processing 135 tons of unsorted demolition debris per hour with a 96% diversion rate and its C&D sorting line can process 60 tons per hour with and 83% diversion rate.

Z-Best Composting Facility | In 1997, Zanker further expanded its operations by opening Z-Best in Gilroy, CA becoming one of the largest composting facilities in California. In 2002, Z-Best expanded its yard waste processing services to include Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)/food waste in-vessel composting. Z-Best transforms yard trimmings into Organic Certified compost useful for both agricultural and landscape markets and creates compost out of the MSW/food waste that is ideally suited for landscaping applications.

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