Management Profiles

Greg Ryan, General Manager

Greg Ryan has been with Zanker Recycling for over 20 years and has worked in all aspects of the business over that time. He started at Zanker in 1993 with varied responsibilities including Health and Safety, Equipment Maintenance, Compliance, and Operations. In 1997 Mr. Ryan began permitting and developing the Z-Best Composting Facility in Gilroy to meet the growing demand for organics recycling in the Bay Area.

Over the next ten years the Z-Best Composting Facility grew from a small green waste composting site into the premier organics facility in the state, processing over 300,000 tons per year of green waste, food waste and municipal solid waste. Z-Best Organic Compost is a staple in the agricultural industry.

Mr. Ryan is currently the General Manager of Zanker Recycling, where he directs a team of industry veterans who continue to lead the field in recycling expertise and innovation.

Osvaldo Cordero, Safety and Environmental Compliance Officer

Osvaldo is the Safety and Environmental Compliance Officer at ZWEDC, where he oversees all operations are in compliance with environmental regulations. He also makes sure that employees are performing all operations as safely as possible while being compliant with federal and Cal-OSHA regulations. In his previous role as an environmental inspector for the city of San Jose, he was responsible for visiting 400+ facilities and performing inspections to make sure that industrial businesses were compliant with industrial general permits. Osvaldo's biggest goals at ZWED are to create an atmosphere that promotes safety and to preserve the environment that surrounds the facility.

John Pena, Operations Manager

Profile coming soon.