Zero Waste Energy Development Company (ZWEDC)

ZWEDC was formed in 2011 by privately owned and locally operated companies, GreenWaste and Zanker Recycling. While food waste and the organics fraction of the processed MSW was already being composted at Zanker's Z-Best Composting Facility, the companies desired to take organics recovery to the next level; ZWEDC desired not only to compost organic materials keeping them out of landfills, but also to extract the energy value from the organics stream. ZWEDC constructed extensive research on existing and proven technologies and ultimately selected the patented Kompoferm high solids dry anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting (IVC) technology, exclusively licensed to Zero Waste Energy, LLC. (ZWE).

ZWEDC's Dry Fermentation Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Facility in San Jose, CA is the first large-scale commercial dry fermentation AD technology in the United States, producing clean, green renewable energy, while simultaneously producing a feedstock for composting. The facility can process up to 90,000 tons per year of organic waste generating approximately 1.6MW of clean green renewable power and is the largest facility of its kind in the world. As a net power producer, the first use of power is to run the facility, with the excess power being sold to the grid through a contract with PG&E.

With all this ZWEDC is not alone in its desire to bring better waste management solutions to the world. What we mean by this is that ZWEDC is not a stand-alone company, it is strengthened and enhanced by its sister companies. ZWEDC is part of a much larger family owned and operated group companies with common ownership that have been widely recognized as industry pioneers.

Together with GreenWaste and Zanker we cover every aspect of material diversion from collection and process mixed and source separated recyclables, yard trimmings, compostables, food waste and municipal solid waster including even mixed construction waste and construction and demolition debris. This group of companies is consistently providing fresh and innovative approaches to recycling and landfill diversion, GreenWaste and Zanker continue to develop, utilize and rework collection and processing systems to improve performance and productivity, achieving some of the highest recycling rates in the industry. Below are some very brief description of the companies but more detail can be found on the Sister Companies page on this site.

GreenWaste has provided collection and processing services for solid waste, recyclables and compostables since 1991 and has successfully operated its State-of-the-Art Material Recovery Facility (MRF) since 2008.

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Zanker has successfully provided advanced resource recovery and processing services for construction & demolition debris (C&D) since 1985 and has operated its unique yard and food waste composting programs since 1997.

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Zero Waste Energy has been recognized as an industry leading development company that designs, builds and opertates integrated solid waste processing facilities around the world.

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